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Catherine Palace In Pushkin. The Baroque Gold Of Russia

The historical name of this opulent summer residence is the Tsar’s Village. The first palace built there in the days of Catherine the First was a small modest construction containing 16 rooms. Her daughter Elizabeth found it shabby and outdated. That is how the Baroque gem appeared on the grounds. The Italian architect Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli commissioned by the empress did his great job and today you can see the superb Baroque interiors and the famous amber room whose history is so dramatic and thrilling. The amber panels were the diplomatic gift of the Prussian king Friedrich-Wilhelm to Peter the Great. It took 76 guardsmen 6 days to carry them from Saint-Petersburg to the Tsar’s Village. When decorating one of the rooms with the panels the architect came across one problem: the size of the original room in Berlin was smaller. So to solve it he placed mirrors between the amber mosaics and painted the upper part of the room as amber.

The palace suffered badly during the Second World War. The amber panels were taken by the Nazis first to Konigsberg then to some unknown place. Since then, we know practically nothing about the room. In 1979, it was decided to restore the panels based on the fragments survived, evacuated documents, photographs and sketches. Thanks to the talented team of Russian amber masters the room solemnly reopened its doors in 2003. You will see this “eighth wonder of the world” along with other exquisitely decorated gala rooms. Is that all? No. Don’t forget to stroll through the Catherine Park, to enjoy its serene and poetic atmosphere, to visit a number of park pavilions, including the Hermitage. That’s not a mistake. Including the Hermitage pavilion.

Address: 7 Sadovaya ul., Pushkin
Open 10:00 - 18:00
Closed on Tuesday, last Monday every month

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