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Dostoevsky Museum. The element of Literary World

If you want to dwell on another side of paradise, on another facet of Saint-Petersburg and its literary world then the Dostoevsky museum is another place for you to visit.

Reconstructed based on the memoirs of Dostoevsky's wife and his friends, this Literary museum was opened in 1971 and represents the former rental apartment where Dostoevsky stayed twice, in 1846 early in his career, and from October 1878 until his death in January 1881, as well as the literary exposition. It was in this apartment where he created his Karamazov Brothers and some others works. Wherever Dostoevsky stayed the windows of his homes overlooked churches. This apartment is not an exception, from its windows you will see the Church of Our Lady of Vladimir frequently visited by him.

Open 11:00-18:00,
Adm. 10:00-17:30

Closed on Monday

Address: 5/2 Kuznechny per.

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