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Fantastic Peterhof Parks

Seeing once is better than hearing twice. And it is the true case of Peterhof with its parks full of fountains, the Grand Palace and a number of smaller splendid pavilions.

If you want to have a relaxing day take a four-hour tour to the parks only with their unique fountain system without any pumps at all and marvelous landscapes inspired by Versailles. More than one hundred hectares of the Lower Park are full of water jets and cascades. Every cascade keeps its stories and mysteries…

It will take you about an hour to get there in our comfortable car accompanied by our guide who will keep you amused. Though, if you want to make a shortcut, avoid all traffic problems and enjoy marine landscapes then follow the way of Peter the Great who preferred to get to his favorite residence by sea and used a boat. Today you are offered a hydrofoil, a comfortable and fast transport, to reach the parks just in half an hour!

60.30 UNIT*
80.20 $
*Price is in UNITs per person in case 2 persons travel together.

The cost depends on the number of people.

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During this excursion you will be visited the following museums:

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