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The Hermitage Tips

This 3.5-hour tour is devoted to one of the biggest and most valuable museums in the world. It’s impossible to see the collections of this vast world-famous museum in one, two or three visits … It’s not possible to stop by every item otherwise it would take you years. But it is a must to get at least first tips. The general tour includes both original gala rooms, and art collections. You will explore artistic treasures passing from building to building. Apart from the Winter palace, the main building of the museum and former official Tsar’s residence you will find yourselves in the Small Hermitage, in the Old Hermitage, in the New Hermitage and even in the functioning Hermitage theatre, former private theatre of Catherine the Great. If you are keen on visiting a place to get overwhelmed with art and pleasure then it’s your cup of tea…

60.22 UNIT*
80.09 $
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During this excursion you will be visited the following museums:

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