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Museum in Saint-Petersburg

They say there is one museum in Saint-Petersburg that stays open all the time, it’s the city itself. And there are nearly 200 museums here that you can visit within their working hours.
Below you will find the cream of the crop.

Hermitage. Мuseum beyond compare »
t’s impossible to see the collections of this vast world-famous museum in one, two or three visits … It’s not possible to stop by every item otherwise it would take you years.
Peter & Paul Fortress. The Tallest Artistic Heritage »
The first architectural complex in Saint-Petersburg was constructed by order of Peter the Great to protect our city from the Swedes in the course of the Russo-Swedish war. The day of the fortress’ foundation May 27, 1703 is celebrated today as the birthday of Saint-Petersburg.
Catherine Palace In Pushkin. The Baroque Gold Of Russia »
The historical name of this opulent summer residence is the Tsar’s Village. The first palace built there in the days of Catherine the First was a small modest construction containing 16 rooms. Her daughter Elizabeth found it shabby and outdated. That is how the Baroque gem appeared on the grounds.
Alexander Palace In Pushkin. The Last Place Of Living Of The Last Russian Emperor »
The palace was a gift of Catherine the Great to her favorite grandson Alexander, future emperor Alexander the First, for his marriage to the princess Elizaveta Alekseevna. In May 1796, the couple moved to the elegant classical building designed by the Italian architect Giacomo Quarengi.
Gorgeous Peterhof. The Russian Versaille »
The fantastic park full of fountains, the Grand Palace and a number of smaller splendid buildings are ready to receive you as an honored guest moving you over to the days of Peter....
Pavlovsk, Ideal Place For Admirers Of Classics »
Another eighteenth-century summer Imperial residence is less official and more homely.
Isaac Cathedral. Main Church Of Imperial Russia »
The forth highest church in Europe was constructed within 1818-1858. The legend has it that the young French architect Auguste Ricard de Montferrand was predicted that he would die after the construction was completed. True or not, but the cathedral became his life time work and the architect died a few days after it was consecrated.
The Spilt Blood Church, The Biggest Mosaic Monument In The World... »
The Church of Our Savior on the Spilt Blood has always been a memorial church. It was constructed within 1883-1907 and consecrated as Resurrection Church.
Yusupov Palace. Noble And Misterious… »
That mysterious palace belonged to one of the wealthiest Russian noble families. Today, it is often called “Noble Nest”. The Yusupov family acquired the palace early in the 19th century and remodeled it according to their taste and fashion.
Dostoevsky Museum. The element of Literary World »
If you want to dwell on another side of paradise, on another facet of Saint-Petersburg and its literary world then the Dostoevsky museum is another place for you to visit.
Reconstructed based on the memoirs of Dostoevsky's wife and his friends
Russian Museum. The World’s Largest Museum of the Russian Art »
t’s another priority for you if you want to touch the Russian art. The museum houses about 400 000 exhibits and covers the history of the Russian art from the 12th century icons to the 20th century avant-garde.
Oranienbaum (Lomonosov). Preserved and forgotten gem »
Ironically enough, this best preserved summer residence of the imperial family is not well known with foreign guests. Unlike other summer palace complexes Oranienbaum was not occupied by the Nazis.

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