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Oranienbaum (Lomonosov). Preserved and forgotten gem

Ironically enough, this best preserved summer residence of the imperial family is not well known with foreign guests. Unlike other summer palace complexes Oranienbaum was not occupied by the Nazis.

Spacious and peaceful parks, palaces and pavilions date back to the 18th century. First, the lands belonged to Prince Menshikov, close friend and associate of Peter the Great, who started the construction of his Grand Palace. Catherine the Great added the Chinese palace, a small and lovely structure. Peter the Third ordered to build here a fortress with his palace then called the Palace of Peter III. The construction of the cubic palace lasted within 1758-1760. Original in its shape, it contains a number of beautifully decorated home-like rooms.

The name of the residence dates back to the very early days when Prince Menshikov decided to grow here orange trees and called the residence “Orange Tree”, or Oranienbaum in German.

In 1948 the Soviets changed the name to Lomonosov (the name of the famous Russian scholar, poet and artist of the 18th century). It’s up to you how to call it today, both names are well known. And both hide so many stories…

Open 11:00 до 17:00, Adm. 11:00-16:00
Closed on Monday

Address: 48 Dvortsovy Proezd, Lomonosov

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