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Russia in a nutshell

Even after breakdown of the Soviet Union Russia is still the biggest country in the world with the total area of 17 million sq. km, or 11.5 % of the world’s area. Based on census 2010, the country’s population today is about 142 million.

Russia is a multinational country. The largest ethnic group is represented by the Russians 81.5%. The Tatars, Ukranians, Chuvash account for 3.8%, 3% and 1.2% respectively, others make up 10.5%.

Climate highly depends on the region. The legends about Russian frosts have good grounds to believe if you visit the northern Russia in the winter time. In the resort towns like Sochi (hosting Olympic Games 2014, by the way) you enjoy subtropical summers and comparatively warm winters.

The currency of the Russian Federation is Rouble comprising 100 kopecks. Today, US dollar to Rouble exchange rate approximates 30, and Euro to Rouble 40.

Russia has 11 time zones, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg time is UTC/GMT +3.

According to official statistics, Saint-Petersburg is the most popular Russian city with foreign guests, Moscow takes position number two and the whole region of Siberia is referred to number three.

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